Vitale Water

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Purified oxygenated energized water

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Vitale Life-Structured Water

The Perfect Water

Purified, Oxygenated, Energized Water – H12O6 

  • Cells reject water that contains a single atom of any chemical
  • Tap water is laced with chlorine, fluorine, bromides, iodides, rubidium, magnesium, aluminum, phosphates, etc. – Vitale has no amounts of any toxic chemical
  • The body requires H12O6, not H2O
  • Some signs of chronic-body dehydration are diabetes, hyperglycemia, joint or back pain, allergies, headaches, hypertension, and recurring indigestion problems
  • (Your Body’s Many Cries For Water – F. Batmanghelidj, M.D).
  • Life structured water ingested in sufficient amounts will restore the body’s production of insulin thus improving the diabetic condition
  • While hypertension is commonly referred to as a disease, it is a natural life support reaction for a “diabetic” body. Without “high blood pressure” a diabetic could potentially die from cell dehydration
  • Alzheimer’s disease has been determined to be the result of extreme accumulation of contaminated H2O outside the brain
  • Once Vitale Life Structured Water is ingested, contaminated H2O is promptly flushed
  • The cell is immortal, it is the fluid (H12O6) in which it floats that degrades. Replace this fluid, and give it what it needs for food, and the pulse of life will go on forever – Dr. Alexis Carrel, Inventor of Transplantology, 1912 Nobel Laureate
  • “H12O6 towers above all other waters on Planet Earth as the best therapeutic water ever” – Dr. Maxwell Narty, founder, American School of Symptometry


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